Any Place All the Time

by Winter Darks

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Down 03:27
Down Is it wrong I never liked you? Still a selfish child? Should I have grown enough by now to know? Is it wrong to write a new way? Tired of the same thing. I should know well enough by now. I never asked for an answer. I never took a stand. Is it wrong to remember these things, especially when it rains? No one knows how I see myself. Time spent alone a lot, but I know to wait for you to call my name. I’ll stay and keep it easy on myself since it’s everything I’m trying to escape. I’m not leaving to have nothing change. Chorus I know we’ll find our calling Become what’s in our minds I can’t explain away what I knew at that time, or how I understood.
Tomorrow 02:45
Tomorrow I like to sing myself to sleep. And if I’m singing this tomorrow, I’ll write it down when I’m not so tired of looking out this same window. I can only hope to be long gone, by the time you return. I’m on my way though you think I’m up to nothin’. It’s all the same cuz tomorrow I’ll still wait. I do as I please, the feeling’s like no other. Doesn’t matter what you’re saying. I’m just glad it’s not me over there. In a way I feel a little left behind but my time is coming. I was fine before and I’ll be fine again. Everything’s goin’…right. Chorus
Neverfades 03:51
Neverfades Which way would this road turn? How was I to know? I saw it coming like the sun over dark hills. Foretold in paint and dust. We cast our shadows, imaginary but never fading Still love grows in haunting ways Always felt like something wasn’t right and now you’re gone Emptiness made a sound through the trees like… No Wasn’t I so easy to leave? You took that choice from me. Know I will not come back for you all I can say is ‘just go’ Chorus I already know We’ll hold our own You cradle your fear I stand alone We cast our shadows, imaginary but never fading Still love grows in haunting ways Remember you said- ‘ we are always friends’ what changed your mind? A sad truth cast a chill through the streets like… No
Drive 03:25
Drive Stuck in the same damn place. I recognize too much too well. No it’s not what I had in mind. Undefined, secret, alive. Remind me, cuz it’s hard to believe. There is no blame for lost souls, regret in tears falling to the floor, no loyalty and emptiness. There is no blame for dreaming or happiness but you stopped me. All these things you do not know? There is no blame for seeing and ignoring what I needed Identity and being bold All these things we do not know? Remind me, cuz it’s hard to believe. Angry faces stole our smiles Took the wind from your sails Feel wasted, afraid to try Yes, I lost my way Took the wind from your sails, set adrift.
Nite 04:46
Nite Over and over I am left alone in a fog. So many things are being left undone. In my sleep I go to all of the places that I love, so tell me, why I’m close to giving up? Usually helps to know but you won’t say anything. Would be nice to know but you won’t say anything. What makes me want to stay just to see? What makes me want to stay just to hear? One last word? One last time? Always given hell for being just the way I am. Find a quiet place inside before I lose my mind. But this time could be brand new as things get clearer I stand near a bright light- at the end of this doom Pre chorus Chorus You can tell them what you see, but they’ll find me. You can tell them what you know, but you don’t. You can tell them where I’ll be. Chorus
24 Hours 04:53
24 Hours Another day and nothing done, you hope I’m doing well now. As long as I am somewhere else. Sorry I could not convince you any sooner. I wish I could convince myself but I’m always careful not to say too much. No other reason to believe though you always get back to me And I always get you back. I was not angry until today You think it’s over when you say Well, you don’t have to tell me twice No response reminds me Let sleeping dogs lie I have thought of everything today. As long as I hold on who knows what end will come. I hope you’re doin well now, as long as you are anywhere else, and I’m always careful not to say too much. I hate the darkness in this room. I can only think of you And how I’d like to...get you back Chorus You’re excited but I know better, counting all my wasted days. You had me but took the easy way then lost your place Now here we go again only I don’t feel the same No other reason to believe though you always get back to me And I always…get you back Chorus
Glass House 03:41
Glass House I like your glass house, I’ve got you figured out. You don’t trust me when there’s nowhere to hide. Just a stones throw away to tear it down and make you pay. I’m not that bitter. I’m not that bitter…today. If you wonder where I’ll be when time runs out On the road a timeless soul Then you’ll wonder why you need to repeat yourself to all the mockingbirds and clowns You like my glass house, you come looking around. Just like yours it’s built on hollow ground and filled with secrets. You’re outside my fragile door, knowing I won’t take much more. I go back to sleep cuz I assume, nothing changes. Chorus
Half 03:57
Half I should find it in my heart, I’m all alone, right? So I can start here on a good night. We weren’t friends by July. There’s blood underneath my nails when I mean the right thing. I've come too far to say-I don’t know me As we agree we’re ready. The rain comes down when it’s meant to be. I think about you now and then. Pre chorus Chorus I guess so It goes to show Don’t be surprised when you’re happy again Chorus
Monoceros 03:30
Monoceros Down to the wire. Just to let myself down again? Not just a plan. All I’ve learned is right now. Well it’s not so bad, I know the dread comes back but it’s too late in the day. So I relax…all I need, I have. There’s something so wrong about me being right Like the voices in my head My friend she looked to a god for answers but no good came of that So wait and see. Just wait you’ll see. ‘When I’m older…’ I like to think Here we are, this is me The past will live on again today The fear in your eyes remains Sun through the window, long cold day. Always hear the train- what does it mean? I remember those days ordinary, how beautiful. There’s something so wrong about me being right Like the voices in my head My friend she looked to a god for answers and she never came back So wait and see. Just wait you’ll see. Chorus
Day Will Come You found a way out You found a way past You found a way to get by me and my lonely way Carry me through till someone lets go The day will come when I have nothing more to say You’ll finally silence me and I’ll be left crying over machines Still looking for an answer Inopportune heart you hold untimely is everything you’d rather not see. I know you, cuz I know me. Wasting away what difference does it make? No where to go, no one to see, cuz one step out of your way is just too far. Chorus
Another X 03:29
Another X Isn’t any wonder. Only takes a second. Only just begun. No one dreams about the end, I admit I asked for it to be easy and just for fun. Now and then when I think about it I had everything as close or far away as I wanted Now and then when I talk about it At least I have something- another x and put in my place again Isn’t any wonder. Could have thought forever, never would have guessed. Another x to show how great I’ve done I cannot win without conviction. Chorus


released June 24, 2018

Words and music by Winter Darks
Creative consultant Leroy Klein
Recorded at Anjuna Studio Portland, OR by Slater Swan
Produced by Slater Swan and Winter Darks
Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge, NYC assisted by Chris Allgood


all rights reserved



Winter Darks Portland, Oregon

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